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AnseChastanet Scuba 04Saint Lucia is a diver’s dream. Whether you’re a holiday snorkeler, seasoned scuba diver, you can enjoy crystal-clear conditions for underwater exploration. The waters are consistently warm, with sea temperatures varying from 77°F in the winter to 83°F degrees in the summer. And professional dive operators are as wide-ranging as the diversity of dive sites.

The most suitable diving and snorkeling locations are situated along the west coast in scuba-diving centres located at Anse Chastanet, Marigot Bay, Castries and Rodney Bay.

Rainbow coral reefs teeming with colourful and varied marine life can be found close to shore off the southwest coast. They are ideal for accessible snorkelling as well as diving. The reef at Anse Chastanet in the south, which lies within a marine park, is perfect for beginners, as it is just off the beach. You may spy octopus and turtles, and deeper down, moray eels, parrotfish and even sea horses.

More superb dives await at the base of Petit Piton, where the dramatic sloping wall descends 1,500 feet. Anse Cochon is also a prime snorkelling and diving area. An exciting dive site here is to explore the wreck of an intentionally sunk cargo vessel, the Lesleen M.

Another option is to go whale and dolphin watching. You can never be 100% sure of sightings – that is part of the thrill – but sperm, pilot and humpback whales are commonly spotted, as are large pods of playful dolphins. Some boats are equipped with hydrophones, so you can hear the creatures chatting away in clicks, squeals and clacks.

The easily reachable deep waters close to Saint Lucia also provide outstanding fishing grounds. With expert help on board, complete novices and pros can sign up for half or full-day sports fishing expeditions, and see if they can haul in something big such as a blue marlin.

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